25 May 2012

summertime update

i'm a month into summer. in your face high school students! jajajajajaja. (laughing is just so much more fun in spanish.) remember how i made a summer bucket list? you're probably not wondering how i'm doing on getting everything done on the list.

things i've completed:
Hike the Y
See Avengers
City Creek Center
Sammy's 2-for-1 Tuesday Shakes

new items:
fly a kite
learn to longboard
ride a motorcycle (don't tell my mom)

yeah apparently i have a great summer ahead. now if i could just find some friends. mine seem to have all gone awol- to dating, marriage, missions, internships, summer sales, and (honestly) i don't know what else. what a dragggg. don't they know summer in provo is awesome??? *sarcastic*

please take me here
other questions on my mind:
- how is it that i'm not scared of the spider in the cage on my desk, but when i spider crawls towards my computer i instantly want to throw up?
- where should i apply for nursing school? and, where should i go???
- should i live in Provo for the summer term?
- should i walk in August?
- should i wait another semester to graduate and take pathophysiology?

so many questions. you let me know if you find the answers to them. or if you find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. until then, happy weekend. i hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day!

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  1. Take pathophys! It is an awesome class and it helps SO much with nursing!