27 June 2012

my induction into the blogging world (ie. my first blogger meet up)

yesterday on my lunch break i got a text from Sierra which said "there's a blogger meet up tonight!" and i knew that i would finally become a part of this blogging world which actually really exists. mind you, i was super self conscious because i would be coming straight from an eight and a half hour work shift and my hair looked like shiz, but i didn't want to pass up the opportunity!

ok guys, i'm just going to give it to you straight. I MET JEF FROM THE BACHELORETTE. not even joking. people who don't believe me, there are pictures documented by Elisabeth here. and hopefully Alycia will send me the pictures of Sierra and I with him too. you probably know that i do not watch the Bachelorette. i try, i really do. this season especially, since everyone was gushing over Emily and how i needed to watch it. yeah i got like 30 minutes into week 1 and stopped. however, i did "meet" Jef and instantly thought he was the cutest one. so i remembered him. when Sierra and I realized he was there i about died. i was already nervous enough, being with all these stinkin cute bloggers, but that took me over the edge. i just smiled and laughed and looked like a total fool. but oh well. i don't think it would work out with us anyways.

other highlights of the meet up included meeting some of my favorite Provo bloggers! i was super excited to meet them in real life. now maybe we can be real life friends instead of just blogger friends? i also got a free meal card to Cafe Rio. this made me almost as excited as meeting Jef. guys, i take my food seriously.
i'm not crying the sun was just bright
so yeah that's the story of how i became a "real" blogger, i met cool gals, and got a picture taken with Jef. and now i feel like i need to be the most awesome blogger ever, to keep up with these other awesome blogs.

pictures stolen from sierra and elisabeth :)


  1. Um it was so awesome to see you there! To all the readers of this blog: she really is just as sweet and beautiful in real life!

    :) B

  2. I'm jealous! This looks like fun. We should have another one when I'm in the 801!

  3. I love jef soooo hard. My favorite, since day one. He does have bad hair though...

  4. this is awesome - and it was so great to meet you! real life friends for sure :) :)

  5. Did you ASK who Emily chose, even though he couldn't say anything?