26 June 2012

thought on tuesday

*waking up at 6:30 to go vote makes you feel very patriotic, until the mid-morning/afternoon slump hits. then you just want to sleep. utah friends, did you vote? i think you should!

*the ladies at the polling booth asked my mom if this was my first time voting. i laughed inside, because my age is like the #1 question i get. i voted in the last presidential election folks. i'm gettin' old!

*kid skipped past my desk singing "if your finger's in your nose, take it out." so this is what they're teaching kids these days.

*speaking of teaching, working at a children's museum has instilled a great respect in me for moms and teachers a like. i mean sometimes i just want to strangle the little monkeys. (sometimes i want to strangle the parents.) you have to have a lot of patient to be with kids all day long!

proud American
coconut lime banana bread c/o somers
*i loathe public restrooms. loathe. there is nothing more awkward than knowing that someone is sitting a few feet away, in complete silence, listening to you tinkle. maybe that's tmi. i'd way rather go in the privacy of my own apartment.

*my coworker Somers is a magician when it comes to food. today she brought to work coconut lime banana bread. and get this, she just made it up! who does that? also, we started really planning our vegas trip- in two and a half weeks!

*i got a job interview at a rehab center in orem!!! please please please bless i get it- and that i have a good shift. and they let me have time off.

*i officially hate my hair straight. did i just say that out loud? yes, i did. i'm washing it tonight and never straightening it again.

*sierra invited me to the soel blogger meet up tonight and i got work off early so we're going! so. freaking. excited. slash i'm nervous because i'll be coming off an 8.5 hour work day.... not exactly my freshest look. but mostly i'm excited to finally "officially" meet sierra (even though we once met when i went to this, i am not sure if that counts).  who else is going to be there?

*i still can't listen to Call Me Maybe :(

*so there's this kinda cute boy at my work and we say hi every day. anyways. . . too bad this job ends on saturday and he is a pretty quiet fellow. update: we just talked for like five minutes. i mean get my number already buddy!

*i'm making peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies tonight. aka manna from heaven. i've also been craving pizza lately.
Sarah and a family we met in the Nauvoo Pageant in '08

spencer and some of his mission besties
*i was going to announce today that i'm going on a hiatus from dating. a sabbatical,  you could say. but i just don't know. i read this awesome post about leaning into discomfort and now i think that maybe i should keep "playing the game" as horrible as it is sometimes. because running away isn't going to change anything. and facing your fears (getting rejected, hurt, etc.) will only make me stronger. thoughts?

*supes excited to go home tonight and watch law & order: svu.  thanks lauren for the recommendation!


  1. Don't give up on dating! Just don't pay attention to it. Do your own thing, and Dating will miss you and give you a call all on its own :)

  2. I knew the guilt for not voting would hit me. . . dangit. and boys can be lame. but they usually end up being worth it with time. usually.

  3. why can't i live where you live to try that coconut lime banana bread?? it sounds amazing! lease tell me it was