15 July 2012


dear friends,
as you may have noticed, i haven't posted in quite a few days. my laptop broke and is in the process of getting a new LCD. however, i am not dead, nor am i off having a glorious adventure. i'm just plugging along, trying to get shifts at work, exercising a lot, reading more, etc. i hope to have my laptop back by the end of the week and then there will probably be an overload of posts!
i've also been thinking about life. guys, when you don't have an insta-link to technology 24/7 you do a lot of thinking. this could be a good thing or a bad thing- i'm not sure yet. anyways, i might be changing some of what i post about. i am still going to be real and be me. but i think i will talk less about dating. like even less than i have been. what do you think? i just can't decide. i realize that the internet is a public place and it might be awkward for people to read about themselves on my blog. especially people i go out with. at the same time, writing is therapeutic and has helped me so much in dating. plus the support from all you blogger friends has been awesome! so. . .  i will get back to you on that. until then, feel free to wait anxiously and still be my friend even though i'm not posting right now. k thanks.

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  1. Haha don't stop talking about dating! I like it.