24 July 2012

i'm not dead

i promise. i know i've been kind of mia these last few weeks. my laptop broke and then i was so behind on posting that i got overwhelmed and didn't post. i even had cool stuff to say. now i don't have anything to say, really. i'm still trying to decide how much i want to talk about certain things (ie. dating) on this blog. my brother says it might be a turn off for boys when they read my blog. what do you think?
that's all i really have to say. but here are pictures of some of the adventures i've been up to the last little while.
lunch with these cute girls

boating with Abby and my ward

first trip ever to Ikea

country dancing

grandma Arnesen's 90th birthday party

comedy sportz with the funnest people

also. . . 
the batman premiere- best movie of the summer!
trying to get used to my CNA job (another post on that)
counting down to Spencer's home coming (30 DAYS!!!!)
cleaning my home in PG to earn money 
dessert nights with Julia

it's been a crazy couple weeks! but i hope to be back with more regular posting tomorrow! but, since it's a holiday- go out and have a wonderful Pioneer Day!

xo, beka

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