26 July 2012

reason utah is cool #423 [pioneer day]

in an attempt to be a better blogger, i decided that instead of sitting around being lazy and eating four cookies (too late for that), i'd write a post about Pioneer Day. that's why utah is cool because instead of just one holiday in July, we have two. Pioneer Day commemorates the day the Mormon pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley. basically it's another excuse to go out and eat lots of food with your family and then have a firework show. i'm cool with that though. here is my celebratory (ha) day in a nutshell:
- french toast breakfast with my roommate and some friends
- hiking Bridal Veil Falls with Somers
- Pizza Pie Cafe with Somers
- chilling at Somers' pool
- Hunger Games with Somers and some other friends

in other news, i am looking for a job. this CNA thing is not working out. i didn't get any shifts for all of july and i am not scheduled for any in august. i can pick up shifts, but i like to have some normalcy and regularity in my life. oh and money is good. so if you know of any jobs in the Provo/Orem area would you let me know? i really will do anything just so i can earn money. it's getting bad folks and as much as i love relaxing, i need to save money. let's just say that summer has not turned out how i wanted it to. i wanted to save a couple thousand dollars and i definitely need the money. 
and there are other things on my mind, but i'm not ready to talk about them right now. maybe another day. i feel pretty good about this post. sorry if it's horribly boring. welcome to my life. 

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