29 July 2012


guys i'm just busting through this bucket list of mine! booyah. one perk about never working is that i have time to do fun things. i'm trying to keep seeing the good things about not working instead of focusing on the bad things (my dwindling bank account...ahem).
this weekend i missed the opening ceremonies of the olympics (gasp) in order to go camping with my ward. i lurv the olympics, but i also lurv camping and it was on the old bucket list. i actually wasn't that excited about going and thought it was going to be super lame. surprise- it wasn't! we roasted hot dogs and i ate two. then we played games "olympic style." if these had been individual events then i would have boom roasted everyone. i'm humble. it's cool. and obviously not a team player. sorry. but our skit was stinking hilarious! later on we made s'mores and just chilled by the campfire. Kiersti and i retired to our beds under the stars and talked about the most important things in life- dating, obviously.
me and my awesome roommate

Kiersti and I

in the morning i rolled out of my sleeping bag, totally sore from the bajillion rocks stabbing me, but content. that's what camping does. i drank some hot chocolate (ie. swallowed tasteless water after burning all the taste buds off my tongue) and then we peaced out.

i love camping. there is something about being in the mountains away from cell phones and computers. something about sitting around a campfire with great people. something about fresh night air, unpolluted by cars or smog. something about staring up at a ceiling of stars and realizing that despite the huge universe, God loves you. something about waking up to crisp morning air. something about falling asleep to the sound of the breeze through the aspen trees and the creek running by. yes, there is just something about camping that speaks to the soul.

ps. this girl is really cool and one day soon i'm going to actually meet her. but you should go follow her blog because it is one of my favorites!

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  1. You are just the sweetest! We really should meet soon! I want to talk about dating.... Since you never post about it anymore, so I'm out of the loop!:)