01 August 2012

"you're a wizard harry"

as you should know, yesterday was Harry Potter's birthday. [the character, not Daniel Radcliffe.] i've been wanting to celebrate his birthday since. . . well the entire year, and it was on my summer bucket list. so i got together with Somer's and we made it happen! i made the cake and she made the butter beer. we invited a bunch of people and ate food and watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. it was brilliant!
Hagrid's birthday cake
party people
guyssss i love Harry Potter! but then you already knew that. and if you didn't then well just know that i do. so much.
the cake i made for the party was this tie-dye cake. it was so easy too! make the cake mix according to the directions on the box. then divide into six bowls. i used just regular food coloring and colored the batter in each bowl until it was as bold as i wanted it to be.
next pour into the cake pan, one color at a time. you don't have to swirl the colors, simply pour each color on top of the previous color.
finally, cook according to the directions on the box. it's as easy as that!

ps. it's august today! the last couple weeks of summer are upon me! i'm going to be much better about posting, i promise. i may even throw in a few posts about dating, per madeline's request :)