06 August 2012


i know you probably all think i've fallen off the face of the earth, and maybe i have. but i promise i'm going to make a come back this month! i even had a friend challenge me to write more. so i'm going to. promise.
it's time for a recap of my goals for july. ready? ok!

*go to temple 2x- done and done! i even drove out to Mt. Timp when the Provo Temple was closed.
*more meaningful prayers- this isn't exactly a quantifiable goal, but i feel like i increased the sincerity of my prayers.
* roommate prayers- we are usually good for the first part of the week but the weekends we are really bad at having them.

*workout 5x a week for at least 30 min.- i actually did decent at this. i got some good new workouts that i like too!
*run 3x a week- fail. boo.
* no chips and salsa- i totally did this! and i didn't even miss them after a while.

*finish 7 habits book- i know i've been working on this for two months and it's still not finished! 
*save half of each paycheck- what with my laptop up and breaking, i didn't get to save anything. but now that i have two jobs i hope i can save some money and not go into debt when i start school.
* spend only $50 on food- again the budget was totally thrown off when my laptop broke. i didn't spend much money though.

*do 1 thing from Bucket List each week- i did this! it was great! 
* go to everything i'm invited to- i did this too! which is why i didn't blog much because i was partying a lot :)

it's august- the last month of summer! i can't believe it's almost over, but truth be told, i'm excited for school to start. this summer has been long, uneventful, and somehow boring. don't get me wrong, it's been a generally good, fun ride, but some days i have just wished to be somewhere else- even the library studying my brains out. here are my goals for the month! what are your goals for the last month of summer?

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