09 August 2012

the abster

today is the birthday of one of my very best friends in the whole world. the instant i met abby at training for HELP International i knew we would be friends. and since today is her 21 birthday let me share with you why i think she is so awesome.
on her birthday last year

- Abby is truly compassionate. she wants to help people and is very willing to give love to everyone. she is one of the main reasons i want to be a nurse.
in Namatala with some babies

- Abby is not judgmental. she is really good at looking at a person's heart and not what they look like on the outside. she helped me look past that many times in Uganda.
- Abby is a missionary. she loves the Gospel and shares her testimony through word and example.
on Esther's baptism day

- Abby is a hard worker. she helped me with so many of my projects in Uganda when no one else would! i am so thankful for her help with the leadership classes and hospital teaching.
- Abby likes to have fun! we had so many adventures in Uganda mainly because of her fun attitude. she helped me to see that every day is an adventure.
- Abby is willing to take risks. she was the first of the new volunteers to eat ants! she really immersed herself in the Ugandan culture and loved every part of it (except maybe posho and matooke).
riding a boda boda with our favorite driver- Habeeb

- Abby is completely honest with me. this is one of my favorite parts of our friendship- we are totally honest with each other. we had to go through some disagreements to get to be totally honest, but now it is wonderful. she is the one friend that i can trust 100%. 
- Abby is awesome because she trusts me with all her black mail photos.... don't worry Abs i'm not going to put any on here :)
science fair. longest. day. ever.

- Abby is a good friend because she is always there for me if i need her. she is willing to listen to me and help me with my problems. she is the type of friend that will come over late at night if i need a shoulder to cry on. or she will come along with me if i need a wing woman. 
- Abby is athletic and motivates me to be a better runner and to work out more. she would do circuits with me almost every night in Uganda! it was great!
at the Source of the Nile

Abby, you are the greatest. i really see you as a sister from another mister. thank you for being my wonderful friend for the past year. i love you so much and i hope your birthday is amazing! may your 21st year bring you peace and blessings! love ya girl, bex.
christmas 2011

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  1. So sweet! You are good at choosing friends, Bekah.