09 August 2012

what's in your purse?

so melissa tagged me in this post like.... six days ago but since i'm such a horrible blogger i didn't realize that i had been tagged until late last night. it was an awkward moment to say the least. i never want to be the person who got tagged who never fulfills her tagging duty. it's just bad blogger etiquette. (also etiquette is a hard word to spell.)
so the only rule is that you can't clean out your purse before doing this. (i threw away some gum wrappers so i hope that isn't breaking the rule. because who wants to see nasty gum wrappers?) 
if you know me you probably know that i really hate carrying a lot of stuff. so don't be bored. i will try to make it exciting.
the purse
i've had this purse (satchel?) since freshman year. so, like, forever. my roommate freshman year named this bag Pacha (like the guy from Emporer's New Groove) and i still call it that. i got it from the mall, not from some cool foreign country. however it is imported from peru so i guess that is pretty legit right?
the contents
wallet: it holds money, cards, and random samples of perfume/cologne i really like. terribly exciting right? 
keys: two sets- keys for my house and then keys for my car. please notice my cool keychains- from mexico and paris (daniel got me these) and harry potter world.
sunglasses: i really have nothing witty to say about them. they make it so i don't squint when i'm driving/walking in the sun, therefore i don't get headaches.
cover girl powder and mary kay lip gloss: a girl's gotta look good. and it's helpful that the powder has a mirror attached. 
mints: from cafe rio. you are probably only supposed to take one, but i mean who really does that?
gum: you never know when you might be needing it, if you catch my drift. . . 

how was that for exciting and interesting? please tell me you are intrigued at how i stay so attractive and get asked out so much when i don't carry that much in my purse. well guys, that is my secret. someday i may share it with you, but for now go have some fun because it's one of the last summer nights!

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  1. :) I like your purse. I need to get one. I just have a wallet and it's never on me, cuz Jon's usually with me when I'm shopping...but I've been looking for a good purse.