09 July 2012

weekend rewind

this weekend consisted, basically, of three things.
1. Spiderman- did you guys know that when i was little i snuck and read all my dad's spiderman comic books? yeah i was totally hipster back then too. so on friday i went to see Spiderman. this is the legit spiderman. i don't know why we ever thought Toby McGuire was spiderman. i didn't like any of his three movies and this new one totally blew them out of the water. i loved it! Andrew Garfield is the perfect spiderman, plus he is verrry attractive. and let's all talk about how much we love Emma Stone. i also went with a date! it was fun and that's all i'm saying about that. i highly suggest you go see Spiderman now.

2. Michelle's Baby Shower- my old roommate, Michelle is having a baby boy in a couple weeks. we kind of dropped the ball about planning her a shower until this last week we threw a surprise shower together. it turned out wonderfully! the only awkward part was getting mistaken for being a mother of a baby while at Baby Gap. not yet people. why does this happen to me? i don't think i look pregnant or like i have had a baby... i am so grateful for my wonderful girl friends who are always there for me! we have so much fun when we are together and they still think to include me even though i am not married. they are great examples to me of happily married couples. i'm excited to meet baby Luke in a couple weeks!

3. Work. i worked from 6-2 again on saturday. it was busier than the previous training session but wasn't bad still. i did a lot more things on my own this time which gave me more confidence for when i am not training anymore. now if they would just give me some dang hours! please?

oh i also crossed another thing off my summer bucket list this weekend- homemade popsicles. i simply mixed coconut milk and blueberry yogurt. i think they turned out pretty great!

aaaand there is only 6 weeks until Spencer gets home!!! my paper chain is getting so short. can't wait!

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  1. Oh heavens! Those popsicles look heavenly. I want to go make me some of those. right now. :)