24 September 2012

reason i'm awesome #692

not to toot my own horn but i found out today that i have "ideal" posture. (thank you orthopedic impairments and therapeutic exercise.)

now if that ain't attractive, then i don't know what is. (yet another reason boys should be lookin' to date me. i mean.... come on, that is hard to resist. right?!)

on to a more serious note, i noticed that i stink at posting lately. mostly because school is cray cray. i worked almost 30 hours last week and studied like a maniac in order to stay caught up in all my classes and get ready for my first pathophysiology test!

wow how boring can my life get? well let me tell you. i go to school around 8:30 and get home between 5 and 7. i eat dinner and then study more- i usually try to go up to campus again. so if you really want to find me, i'll be on the first floor of the HBLL. because it's much more peaceful down here.

except when they are vacuuming. cough cough

please excuse how terribly exciting my life is right now.

ps. i'd really love a good back massage right now.