08 October 2012

climbing mountains

i once read that if i had faith as a grain of a mustard seed then i would be able to move mountains. dr. suess enthusiastically proclaims, "kid, you'll move mountains!" i believed that with enough faith, grit, spit and duct tape i could move any mountain that stood in my way. i became frustrated when challenges and trials just didn't up and move themselves. i wondered if i was lacking in faith, if i was doing something wrong, or if just needed to work harder. 
over this summer i have come to realize that we can't move every mountain. not because we don't have enough faith or because we aren't trying hard enough. but because the Lord leaves some mountains so that we can climb them, and become stronger. 
how easy it would be to simply have every challenge vanish because of faith! but would that really be best? the strongest people are those who don't have every mountain moved. they are those who climb the Mt. Everest's of life and come out happier, stronger, and more aligned with God's will. 
sometimes when we are faced with mountains to climb, we feel abandoned. we wonder why God left us alone to climb this. we wonder why it had to be this mountain, because our friend's mountain looks so much smaller and easier to climb. 
but he never leaves us alone! he gives us tools and climbing companions to help us reach the other side. he knows perfectly which mountains will challenge us the most, and therefore help us grow the most. 
"If we have faith in Jesus Christ, the hardest as well as the easiest times in life can be a blessing." Henry B. Eyring
so don't give up! the mountains are there and they may seem daunting. you may wish for them to move. but maybe the moving is really a moving of you. moving closer to God. moving toward a better version of you. 
i know you can do it. keep climbing. he is there and you can make it.


  1. Wonderful thoughts, Rebekah, and well said. I needed them this morning.

  2. Great post Bekah! I really love your thoughts on this! Thanks for a little inspiration to start off my day :)

  3. such a great post! loved every word. it reminded me of the song "beautiful heart break" by hilary weeks. LOVE.