06 October 2012

what i love about fall

where has time gone? life is so crazy and then one day i realized it was october and that i was a major slacker in blogging. let's be real, on my list of priorities, blogging is near the bottom. i am working super hard at school and my new job is keeping me really busy too. i have lots to do for my calling as well. but i am just loving life! i feel so blessed right now that it is almost overwhelming! i am so grateful! but now that it's october and fall is officially here, i wanted to share with you some of my favorite things about fall (my second favorite season).

*hot chocolate season starts- i had salted caramel hot chocolate Thursday and it was divine! i love trying lots of different flavors. there is something about having a warm cup of hot chocolate wrapped in your hands that is just wonderful.

*boots, scarves, jackets and cardigans! it's so much easier shopping for fall clothes because i don't have to worry about it being immodest ha ha.

*football season- i live for my BYU games on the weekend. and we stomped on the Aggies last night which makes me super happy.
rachel, hyrum, me and spencer at BYU vs. Hawaii
* halloween- i know halloween is creepy and involved massive amounts of candy, but i love it. i love getting dressed up and going to all the parties. i love scary movies and corn mazes. i love it all. (except candy corn.) i want to have an awesome halloween costume this year! and my friend Natalie is having a Harry Potter themed halloween party. so psyched!

*pumpkin everything. carving pumpkins. pumpkin pancakes. pumpkin pie. pumpkin bread. pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. pumpkin shakes. roasted pumpkin seeds. pumpkin curry. and of course the pumpkin smoothie from Jamba Juice. if you have never tried it then go get it now. seriously. it will change your life.

*driving Alpine Loop. i have driven up provo canyon every fall for the past three years and it is beautiful! it is wonderful to get away and view some of God's most glorious work! i hope i get to go soon this year.

*turning on the heater. now i have a real excuse to be cold and turn off the a/c. when you think anything below 72 degrees is freezing, you look forward to the time when you don't feel guilty about turning off the a/c.

*finally, General Conference! [i mean i have to put this in because it's today, right?] but i do love me some general conference. i love listening to the Prophet and Apostles and receiving much needed counsel and guidance in my life. if you want to watch or listen today and tomorrow click here.


  1. I don't think you can legitimately call a 6-3 win "stomping" ha ha, but nice job. And you should blog more.

  2. Haha I was just going to say the same thing about the stomping. Nobody played very well that game, it was a lot of crappy (and boring) football. But I agree with all the rest of these fall things! Please tell me you got your salted hot cocoa from starbucks, because theirs is fantastic!