16 October 2012

thought on tuesday

*upon finishing my second graveyard shift. . .  i realize i could do them long term- but only if i don't want a life.

*if you make rules, right them down and stick to them. be true to yourself and what you want in life, long-term. don't trade something you want forever, for something you want just now.

*why do people always give girls chocolate and ice cream when they break up? while i appreciate the kind gestures, i've eaten so many sweets in the last few days that i want to puke. what i really want is a cute new outfit, a trip to Disneyland, or to be registered for my next race.

*you know you love sleep when you look forward to sleeping from 6:45 am to 12 pm, after working all night long.

*it's soup season! who else is excited? i made this delicious butternut squash soup (from Sprouts Market) and added broccoli- perfect combination.

*i'm trying to be positive. but while i believe in optimism, i also believe in honesty. that's why i just tell people "i'm ok." because i'm not good. staying busy helps keep me ok.

*who let my sister's p day be changed from Monday to Tuesday? don't these people know that if i don't get a letter on monday i can't even handle it?

*oh, i went to a football game on saturday. it was like, good. but we lost which is horrid. saturday was not a good day for me or for byu football. (i said it last year and i'll say it again- my dating life and byu football scores are totes connected. someday byu will have an amazing season- and i will be married or something. i think coach mendenhall should do something to make this happen.)

*i need to get out of utah county!!! like really, provo is the pits sometimes. i'm stilling trying to come to peace with the fact that i'm supposed to stay here next year. however i'm hopefully heading up north next weekend so if you live in Logan be excited to see my face!

*did you watch the debate? my friend had a drinking party. so obviously i went. i'm falling off the wagon- it's cool. so in the debate if certain words were said (jobs, America, immigration, etc.) you had to take a drink (sip) or entire cup of root beer. (oh, did you think i meant alcohol? this is byu, people!) after three cups i was so done. i think it's safe to say i would never be good at any alcoholic drinking game. oh but back to the debate, what did you think?

*true confession: i have no plans this weekend other than working a 10 hour shift saturday. it might be time to cash in that month long netflix trial. . . .

*i'm shutting up now. gonna go watch despicable me with my brother (he still hasn't seen it!)


  1. I agree with the lameness of always giving chocolate when someone is having a rough time. I mean, it's a sweet gesture, but it always makes me feel gross. I think I would prefer like whole wheat rolls or something. A new outfit also sounds much more appealing. :)