17 October 2012

on being thankful

two posts in two days?! now before you go have an aneurysm, just read this post because i think it's going to be good.

sometimes we don't get things we want and then we get really mad, and kick things, and look at the ground, and the sky seems grey, and we feel like the little kid who just dropped his ice cream cone on the ground. and by "we" i mean me. and my multiple personalities. . . ?
so today i realized that although i am still sad, there is so much that i can be grateful for! you gotta look at the little things people. like. . .
*the temple. it's really soooo good. 
*pineapple. thanks mom!
*studying. because staying busy is a good thing. and being productive is a great feeling.
*funny, nerdy physiology class jokes
*physiology study buddy who is more like a friend now. thanks :)
*new stairs at my apartment building (now i don't feel quite so much like i'm going to die when i climb them)
*running and p90X. "i hate it, but i love it."
*catching up on Bones
*writing a letter to my favorite missionary cousin
*not having anymore midterms
*e-mail from my sister
*making plans for friday night
*sunshiney day
*running into old friends
*cute outfits
*actually looking happy (unlike Kristen Stewart)

happy hump day!

speaking of thankful, in a few days it will be a month until Thanksgiving. i'm going to be doing 30 Days to Thankful, with a new twist for 2012- photos! so you know, be excited.

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