15 November 2012

gingerhead crush

if you didn't already know, i'm slightly obsessed with Harry Potter, and even more obsessed with Rupert Grint. we are pretty much MFEO. (mfeo=made for each other.) i think he is just adorable. now please enjoy this video and wonder and how Rupert can be so creepy and yet still so attractive. (also, the lyrics are wonderful and i love them.)

ok now onto more serious matters. today i was voting- for the People's Choice Awards. i know, i know. who actually does that? well i figure if i can vote, then i'm going to. i can't even talk about it. how do you choose? i stressed more over these votes than i did over my vote for president. . . do i vote for Andrew Garfield as best superhero or Christian Bale??? voting made me want to re-watch all the amazing movies that came out this year. i also realized that  i don't really go see a lot of comedy's. i usually just go see action movies. or maybe that was just this year. who knows. so, go vote! BE HEARD!

all joking aside, let's talk about humor. i'm thankful for people and situations that make me laugh! sometimes a small touch of laughter is really what gets me through the day. it is like a shot of chocolate sauce on top of plain vanilla ice cream. so thanks people who make me laugh.

speaking of ice cream, i have one week left of my No Junk Food Challenge! guys, it's getting soooo hard! it seems like everyone is blogging, posting and tweeting about delicious foods that i can't eat! your over there with your ice cream, chocolate, and cookies, and i'm over here like: "i've got this applesauce. . . " on the bright side, i have not been able to eat my emotions!

feeling like this right now. if i could just live in the castle or with Peter Pan (i'm sure he would be cool with it) and escape the stresses of now, that would be lovely.


  1. Applesauce is good!! Great job on your challenge Beka! You're doing great. :)