14 November 2012

senior game

****dear friends: if you commented on my post on friday, or made kind comments of relating to my situation and wanting to help, please do not feel like i was peeved or upset at those comments! i truly appreciate your friendship and kindness! so keep commenting :) you are all great.****

last Saturday was my "senior game." in other words, it was my last home BYU football game as a BYU student. granted, i will still be here next year and i hope i can buy a guest pass for the games, but i won't be a student. weird. i remember the last football game i went to as a high school student. i cried afterwards. i didn't cry after this game. probably because my tear ducts were frozen shut. but still.
it was also the senior game for two friends- Preston Hadley and Brooke Renslow (cheerleader). they are both from my home stake and are awesome people that i have loved watching on the field each game. we made a sign for Preston because really he is such an amazing player! and also a great person.

the weather was freezing cold! like below freezing. i was totally bundled up and was still cold! we played idaho which really was an easy peasy team to beat. i left during the third quarter because i was so cold and had a long sunday the next day. however, for half the game we had awesome front row seats! (thank you people who left before me so that i could enjoy those seats for my last game.)

do you watch college football? 
who do you cheer for?
what are your favorite memories of BY football?


  1. :) I had a crush on Preston in high school sophomore year. But, then again, didn't everyone?

    1. girl i totally know what you mean! i would die if he asked me out :)