21 November 2012

over the river*

sometimes when you are away from home you forget some things.
like how long it takes to get in the shower when there are 8 other people who have to shower.
or like how your mom is going to remind you to make your bed, even though you have been living on your own for 4.5 years and have made your own bed almost every day for those years.
or how delicious cold cereal is.
or like how your siblings and parents are still busy, and since you don't want to do that pile of studying, you end up sitting around (on pinterest) too much.
or how cute your cousins are and how fun it is to make seven pies for thanksgiving dinner.
or how nice it is to not set your alarm (even though you still wake up in a panic at 7:11 thinking you need to get up. dang body clock.)
or how you don't have to have your cell phone with you 24/7 because the people that really matter are there with you.

yeah, being home actually is pretty great. we are all ready to have a wonderful thanksgiving dinner tomorrow at my grandparents in Cottonwood Heights. and i'm not even nervous for my race tomorrow (it will come though).

*technically, no rivers were crossed in my drive to my parents house.

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