04 March 2011

i'm leaving on a jet plane...

on May 4th! yup people my flight is booked. to Africa. this is fur realz. that is exactly 2 months (60 days) from this very day. frrrrreaky. but so terribly exciting. i have butterflies right now. so here's the deal. i still need $900 to pay for my trip and flight. so, before you do anything i encourage you to wander over to HELP and read a little about the organization. or to read about it is my own words go here, here, here, and here. if you get so excited about HELP after reading about it [most people get overly excited] go ahead and donate through the "donate" button on their website. but if you want to get something out of donating to my trip then consider this. do you (or any of the lovely women in your life) like cute hair accessories? check this out:

all items comes in a variety of colors and can be made to order.
headbands: $15 each (or $13 if you provide your own yarn)
knit flowers: $4 each
silk flowers: large- $8 each, small- $4 each
if interested, e-mail: beka.arnesen08@gmail.com

moment of truth: i am begging you to help me. this is no longer a nice little ad. even if you are a poor college student you can afford $5 to give to a charity that is truly worth you money! so please, don't give me your crap about wanting to help. [pardon my use of words.] so often we watch the news, read the newspaper, etc. and say "i wish there was some way i could help these people. but i don't know how i can." news flash: this is a perfect way to help! so whether you have "rich man's guilt", you truly are interested in the endeavor's of HELP International, or you just want a sweet headband/flower, take a second or two to donate! and then, hop on over to my blog which will soon be chronicling my trip to Uganda and feel free to read about my adventures as they happen!

UPDATE: if you are interested in any of the above products please e-mail me at beka.arnesen08@gmail.com
have a wonderful weekend!!! lovessss

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  1. i would love a silk flower. let's get together soon and exchange moneys and such.